Our Food Made With Love Is

Like Tasting a Piece of Heaven

We believe that creating and serving the food with love is True love. In Curry In Bali we strive to give you the authentic traditional Indian dishes crafted to perfection.

Balax, Vakkax & Mohax

A Few Words About Ourselves

Curry In Bali offers authentic Indian cuisine in a modern and stylish setting. The menu is designed to give the customers a unique experience in Indian traditional foods with presentation and quality. We source our ingredients to give the unique taste to our dishes to achieve high quality of food to our customers. The inviting atmosphere and friendly service offers a truly unique and an unforgettable dining experience.


George Thomas Panjikunnel

With more than 25 years' experience in marketing, sales, management and business development, I bring a wealth of experience to my latest venture, Curry in Bali. That experience includes living and working in USA, Middle East, Africa, India, Australia and Far East, plus studies with The Welcome Group Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal (BHM) and Australia's Griffith University (front line business management).
Working with the some of the world's top hospitality organisations, including the Karma Royal Group, before moving to Bali permanently in 2012, provides me with the insight into what is needed to provide a first-class dining experience. Most importantly, it has allowed me to form a great team of people so necessary to a successful business, especially when creating a genuine Indian Restaurant.
It is this team that welcomes you to Curry in Bali – Indian Restaurant & Experience. We are confident you will enjoy your time with us. 

Terima Kasih

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